Wearing BDSM Collars: A Guide

BDSM Collars

You might have seen people wearing BDSM Collars. But, are you wondering what they mean? 

The person who wears the collar on the neck indicates his or her status on a BDSM relationship.

The status might fall under the submissive or the slave status.

A person wearing the collar to symbolize the relationship is said to be “collared”.

A BDSM Collar also represents a solemn relationship that is similar to a wedding ring. One of the most typical collars you can see is the black leather that has D-rings. But, if you’re a shy person, you can wear a choker or a necklace in public instead.

Also, you can use the collar in playing sexual games due to its connotations of a pet-like look. You can surely enjoy your role-playing and have erotic fun as a result.

Sign of Being Submissive

You not only use the collar to tell that you’re part of the BDSM community. You can tell that you’re submissive – maybe in bed too! Couples who attend BDSM events wear the collar as respect for the occasion. You can use it in looking for a right partner. Thus, it’s a good way for you to wear s collar. Who knows, you might find the love that would make you happy.

Similar to a Promise Ring

You and your partner can have a secure agreement in using the BDSM Collar. For couples, it’s important for you to fulfill your bows as a couple. The collars can offer a strong bond and commitment that both the couples would enjoy.

It’s not bad wearing a collar, right? You can even make a sense style or fashion that elevates your look. You might see yourself have a new appearance while wearing a BDSM Collar.

BDSM Collar is Sometimes like a Wedding Ring

Don’t feel too bad if you don’t have a budget to buy a ring. When you’re in the BDSM community, you can use the BDSM Collar as a wedding ring. You can wear it 24/7 and feel the happiness of being a Sub. Your Dom will present it to you if you’re lucky.

You take it seriously in wearing the collar, and you gain the satisfaction you deserve. You might even wear it in bed as you experience an erotic pleasure. You take your role play to the next level in wearing the collar.

Sexy and Kinky Time 

Who says you can’t wear a collar during sexy time? Of course, you can! It’s not bad to experiment and be creative a little. You can add a sense of naughtiness that lets you enjoy the moment in bed. People like the thrill of doing role plays in bed. Since the woman is the submissive part, they can wear the collar during lovemaking.

You might be cute in wearing the collar the way you want it. So, you take the chance now and add a level of wildness in your sex life. For sure, you would love the result in wearing it.

What Can You Expect in Wearing BDSM Collars?

• Comfortable and Easy to Wear

Don’t worry about comfort! The BDSM Collar gives you a fast way of wearing it. There’s no hassle if you’re feeling kinky and want to start with a role-play with your partner.

• Lockable Collar 

You can wear the collar any time you want. The BDSM Collar has a lockable feature that makes it safe around your neck. You can take it off anytime you want.

• Rounded Edges

You can expect comfort in wearing the collar due to the rounded edges. So, you can picture the satisfaction of wearing the collar. You wouldn’t feel uneasy in wearing it even during a role play with your partner.

You can have a variety of collars you would be happy to choose. It doesn’t matter what’s your purpose in wearing the BDSM Collar.  All that matters is you’re comfortable and happy in wearing it. You have full control when it comes to the selection process. You might also wear even if you’re not in a relationship.

The BDSM Collars can add to the thrill of making your sexual role play unique and excellent. You can try a BDSM Collar and see the big difference it can give you. Come and choose the collar you like!