How To Prostate Orgasm

Your Quick Guide on How to Prostate Orgasm

Learning about sex in school was an awkward, clunky experience. Something I hadn´t picked up on until recently, however, was how we are taught that sexual satisfaction is reached internally in women and externally in men. No exceptions. No details. Nada. We certainly weren´t taught how to prostate orgasm.

Strange that we would be taught this, since it seems that men are now so preoccupied with the idea that their sexual gratification must come from ejaculation that they won´t even entertain the idea of anal play. However, activities such as prostate milking are actually really important for your health and it should be something you are doing quite regularly. For those grossed out by the whole idea, you can perform an external prostate massage – you will probably find that you enjoy it and you might even think about introducing it into your masturbation routine. However, the likelihood of reaching orgasm through external massage is slim to none. You need to dive in for that.

Many men report that prostate orgasms are more intense, and you can even experience what is known as a dry orgasm several times in one go. Welcome to the multiple orgasm, boys!

What is should you remember?

Prep – any anal play needs prep. If you forget the prep, forget the game! Your safety and comfort is important, as is your personal hygiene so don´t get caught up in the moment – especially if you are a beginner. Figure out what douching is and give your body a good flush before you reappear.

Lube – lots of lube You will also need to check that the lube will work with whatever material you are using. If it´s silicone, you will need a water based lube. Stainless steel will usually be okay with anything – just do your homework

Search – your prostate tends to swell when you are aroused, so this is the ideal time to start looking. The ideal place to start looking is towards the back of your perineum (the squishy bit of your gooch). If you want to try for an orgasm , try practicing the universal ´come hither´ gesture and see where it takes you.

Pelvic Floors – use ´em! You might see blog posts or fitness vlogs about pelvic floor muscles for women but nobody tells the men that they should be taking notes too! Strengthening this area will make the contractions in prostate-assisted orgasms much more intense. The greater your control of your PFM, the greater your reward.

Toys – having someone else around can help bring some playful to the prostate party, with some vibrating models that stimulate your p-spot for the ultimate orgasm.

Give it a go. Explore your boundaries. Many men report that the sensation they experience is similar to an external orgasm but it lasts longer, feels more intense and can be felt across their entire body. It is important that when you are trying to experience new kinds of play, like learning how to prostate orgasm, it is important that you do your research and you will always love the effort from here